Leadership Coaching

An opportunity to grow as a leader by enhancing your leadership skills!

“The Best Leaders Are Constant Learners” Harvard Business Review.

The benefits of Leadership Coaching

As part of our leadership coaching, we’ll assess how your current leadership methods stack up against industry standards. Within the context of your unique plans and objectives, we at Facing the Change will thoughtfully challenge you to identify places where you can grow through questioning and feedback sessions. Leaders like yourself can benefit significantly from our feedback and introspection process, which facilitates adopting new practices that enhance your outlook and skills as a manager and ultimately yields better results for your team. Those members of your team who were previously unreachable will now gladly follow your lead.

How to be an effective role model as a leader

A leader focuses on individual and team behaviour and is a role model in the workplace. 

I have been a successful leader myself in the corporate environment for many years. As a leader, I have set up and managed both service and technical teams and also managed virtual teams in Europe, India and the Rest of the World, where I have learned how to achieve higher productivity through teamwork, proper guidance, mentoring and effective coaching.

I understand what your world looks like, I know how complex and demanding it can be to function well in a (changing) organization.

I coach leaders like you, to communicate with individuals of different personality types and cultures. We will also review the ‘Radical Candor philiosophy’, “the surprising secret to being a good boss”. 

As your coach, I am the neutral person with whom you can have a deep conversation, I will help you to reflect critically, and I will ask the “difficult” questions, so you can find your answers and gain the insights you need.

Why you should work with Facing the Change

To answer the question, “Why do some of the most cognitively/intellectually intelligent people make very poor leaders?” Facing the Change is dedicated to inspecting your specific situation.

If you want to improve as a leader, I will equip you with the resources you need to do so. If you wish for your leadership efforts to succeed in the long run, consider hiring a coach who can act as a trusted, objective sounding board. With my extensive team leadership and management background, I can help you develop a coaching rapport with your staff.

Our Approach

Facing the change starts the process with a free intake meeting. The purpose of this is to capture and understand your current situation and your objectives. Following this meeting, you will receive a summary of the discussion and a proposal outlining our recommendations and the coaching program that will be ideal and tailor-made for you.

Sign up for a free Intake

I would like to suggest the following agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Snapshot of current situation
  • Explore the needs of the Coachee, including the expected outcome
  • Identify and agree on the goals the Coachee wants to achieve
  • Determine the plan of action

After this session, you will be provided with a proposal including intake notes and the cost for the coaching program.

Progress is measured and evaluated halfway and at the end of the program.


Bram Kolkman

Flor has given personal coaching sessions to two of my managers at BT.The Telecommunication and ICT business is a very demanding environment and managers have to coop with daily changes.This requires a lot of flexibility of the people and puts a lot of pressure on the managers to maintain a good atmosphere and the balance […]

To really get ahead we have to get out of our own way.

Benefits for Clients

Success is a journey. As your Coach, I will support you on this journey, challenge you where appropriate, and help you reach your destination faster, and more efficiently, than you would alone.