Leadership Coaching

An opportunity to grow as a leader by enhancing your leadership skills!

The benefits of Leadership Coaching

With leadership coaching you will discover how you can excel as a leader. Obtaining these leadership skills is not a destination, it’s an on-going journey.

“The Best Leaders Are Constant Learners” Harvard Business Review.

An important component of our leadership coaching is to evaluate your current behaviors against best practices and enable you to recognise areas for improvement. 

In order to lead your team to success, you will need to invest time in getting to know them and in building a good working relationship. Leaders develop and maintain a clear vision and they need to make that that vision a reality, for that they need to actively and continually focus on their people.  Therefore, we also focus on how to deal with the different personality types, using the Insights methodology

We will work on recognizing the 4 development levels of your team members and their development needs.

Coaching is an opportunity to support your growth as a leader.

How to be an effective role model as a leader

A leader focusses on individual and team behavior and is often seen as a role model in the workplace. 

I have been a successful leader myself in the corporate environment for many years. As a leader I have set up and managed both service and technical teams and also managed virtual teams in Europe, India and Rest of World, where I have learned how to achieve higher productivity through teamwork, proper guidance, mentoring and effective coaching.

Your level of personal awareness will be raised to reach clarity regarding your personal and work life, and you will take more effective and focused actions immediately.

You’ll accomplish more by using a coach as a confidential and independent ʻsounding boardʼ to support your leadership activities.

Why you should work with Facing the Change

We will help you set a specific plan for improvement. This will enable you to follow through and improve your skills as a leader so that you can inspire your team and create an engaging workplace.

As your coach I will also teach you how to build a coaching relationship with your employees.

Leadership coaching is a structured, results-driven process, which guides a leader through their business problems and challenges

Our Approach

We start the process with a free intake meeting. The purpose of which is to capture and understand your current situation and your personal objectives. Following this meeting, you’ll receive the intake notes and a proposal outlining our recommendations and the coaching program that will be ideal and is tailor made for you.

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I would like to suggest the following agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Snapshot of current situation
  • Explore the needs of the Coachee, including the expected outcome
  • Identify and agree on the goals the Coachee wants to achieve
  • Determine the plan of action

After this session, you will be provided with the intake notes and a proposal including the cost for the coaching program.

I also provide on line coaching using Skype for business and Free Skype.

Progress is measured and evaluated halfway and at the end of the program.


Bram Kolkman

Flor has given personal coaching sessions to two of my managers at BT. The Telecommunication and ICT business is a very demanding environment and managers have to coop with daily changes. This requires a lot of flexibility of the people and puts a lot of pressure on the managers to maintain a good atmosphere and …

To really get ahead we have to get out of our own way.

Coaching Method

Success is a journey. As your Coach, I will support you on this journey, challenge you where appropriate, and help you reach your destination faster, and more efficiently, than you would alone.