Six Positive Behaviours of Introverts

As a coach I often work with clients on finding out what it is that is preventing them from moving forward. I talk about their areas for improvement. I have worked with clients who believe that being introvert is a weakness. Being myself an introvert I actually have a different opinion, so I did a bit of research and put together a list of benefits introverts have and can be very proud of. 

an introvert wearing a cardboard box covering their head
A common feeling experienced by introverts

We’re good listeners

One of the most positive behaviours of introverts is that we tend to be the friend or colleague you can call on when you’re upset or when you have good news to share. We are able to listen without turning it around and making it about us.

We think before we speak

Because we feel less comfortable speaking we listen. We only speak when we have something to say and we then choose our words carefully, so there is a higher chance that we will have an impact with our words. That being said, we may take a little too long to formulate thoughts before sharing them, especially in a fast-paced environment.

We’re observant

In addition to our ‘superior’ listening skills, we possess something extra: our observation skills. We notice things others might not notice because they’re talking and processing out loud. Although it may look like we’re just sitting quietly during a meeting, we are actually absorbing the information that’s being presented and thinking critically. The typical introvert is more likely to notice people’s body language and facial expressions, which makes them better at interpersonal communication.

We make quality friends

We choose our friends wisely. We would rather have a few close, trusted friendships to invest our time and energy in, as opposed to a large network of acquaintances. We are pretty picky about who we bring into our lives. It requires some energy, and if you do make it into our inner circle, that means a lot. This quality makes us loyal, attentive and committed friends. 

We’re thoughtful networkers

Being in a large group where the goal is to meet, talk and make a good first impression can be overwhelming for many, especially for us. But we can use our natural strengths to create meaningful connections. 

We’re compassionate leaders

We can become very good leaders when we know how to use our natural strengths. We don’t feel the need to step into the spotlight and take all of the credit for group successes; we’d rather highlight the strengths of our teams. We have focused conversations with our team members in order to learn their skills, passions and strengths. We gather all this information and use what we have learned to help each team member to be more efficient and happier at work. 

For more information about this subject here’s an excellent article about introverts in the workplace

Benefits for Clients

Success is a journey. As your Coach, I will support you on this journey, challenge you where appropriate, and help you reach your destination faster, and more efficiently, than you would alone.