Yolanda Jansen

Flor is a coach with a keen eye and ear for what is not being shared, but that is needed to be said and dealt with. She is truly a blessing that doesn’t need a disguise. I’d felt trapped and was struggling to define the next step in my ‘portfolio career’. My support needs were both emotional as practical. Flor’s support strategy for me was perfect: she combined praise and push-back exactly when needed (aka not always desired ;-). I recommend Flor to anyone who needs an experienced, practical and engaged coach to help them get back on track.

Yolanda Jansen
Program Manager | Partnership Developer | Social Impact Organisations

Método de coaching

El éxito es un viaje. Como tu coach te apoyaré en este viaje, te desafiaré cuando corresponda y te ayudaré a llegar a tu destino más rápidamente y de manera más eficiente de lo que lo harías solo.