Claus Pederson

Have you ever thought if what you are doing is making you happy? You excel in your current position? Can you and will you want to grow in your job? Do you know how to make that visible in and around your professional career?
If any of the above needs a make-over or run through with a coach, it is Flor you need. Together you will create the map to your success and the rest is up to you. Her people and result oriented skills will give you a energy boost and become your very own result driven person.

Claus Pederson
Customer Lead for Sales and Customer services

Método de coaching

El éxito es un viaje. Como tu coach te apoyaré en este viaje, te desafiaré cuando corresponda y te ayudaré a llegar a tu destino más rápidamente y de manera más eficiente de lo que lo harías solo.