Life Coaching

Make progress in your life in order to have fullfilment!

What is life coaching?

Life coaching helps you to identify strengths, develop them, and identify your personal and professional goals. It helps you to find more balance and happiness by learning how to better coordinate important areas of life – such as relationships, work, family and personality. 

You become aware and look for more content and meaning in your life and it always revolves around three core questions: who I am, what I want and what can I do.

If you find it difficult to make choices; if you have lost the overview of your life or if you feel lonely and empty. Or if you are going through a major change in your life, life coaching will help you get on track.

Life coaching can be provided as a stand-alone service, but also combined with career or leadership coaching.

Life coaching places a strong emphasis on well-being and happiness.

Life coaching focuses on the quality and design of your life. The aim is to strengthen the balance between your personal wishes and the relationship between your work and the world around you. This form of coaching is on the rise for a good reason!

People of every age are questioning the meaning of their life and many experience inner confusion about where they are right now. Many people feel like they do not have a choice, they doubt their choices, they doubt their education, and they have doubts about career and partner choices.

Life coaching supports you through life’s changes, giving you an understanding and, asking the right questions and giving you good advice to move forwards confidently in every area of life.

Many people, whether young or senior, regard change as an enormous threat. Life coaching supports you to overcome any resistance you may have to the changes life is presenting you with, so that you can move into a state of actively embracing change.

When you are able to embrace the changes you are gong through, you can take advantage of some of the opportunities arising from change.Fear of change can be overwhelming; but your perception of this is often much worse than the reality. When faced with a major change such as being made redundant or going thru a divorce, it’s normal to experience initial shock, and then go into protest mode or even denial of our changed circumstances. It’s also perfectly understandable to be angry about an enforced change. This can also impact our confidence and self-esteem.

Why you should work with Facing the Change?

As your life coach, I will guide you and help you to identify obstacles holding you back and come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. 

We will focus on your motives, qualities, and pitfalls to help you understand yourself better. I will empower you and work on any limiting beliefs you may have, helping you to restructure your thinking process, and we will work on a plan of action and help you reach your SMART goals.

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I would like to suggest the following agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Snapshot of current situation
  • Explore the needs of the Coachee, including the expected outcome
  • Identify and agree on the goals the Coachee wants to achieve
  • Determine the plan of action

After this session, you will be provided with a proposal including intake notes and the cost for the coaching program.

Progress is measured and evaluated halfway and at the end of the program.

"Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions." - TR

Benefits for Clients

Success is a journey. As your Coach, I will support you on this journey, challenge you where appropriate, and help you reach your destination faster, and more efficiently, than you would alone.