About me

My name is Flor de Maria Paredes Mattos, originally from Lima Peru, and raised in the Netherlands. I am a native Spanish speaking coach. Amsterdam is home and Peru is my heart. I love travelling, singing and dancing and spending quality time with family and friends. I live in Ijburg in Amsterdam, I have two lovely children, a very supporting husband and 4 demanding pets. Healthy food and working out is very present in our daily life.
I love to meet people from different parts of the world. As an international career coach I understand different cultures and behaviors.
After 22 years of working full time, I decided to work independently and to set up my coaching business. I enjoy my work because coaching; getting the best out of people, has always been my passion. People intrigue me and helping clients to help themselves gives me the greatest satisfaction. I love to see my clients experiencing their “aha” moment.

I am known for helping people generate ideas that are a perfect fit for them. I do this by using my people management expertise, my knowledge of people from different cultures, my own international and personal experience, and by using a range of skills and different coaching techniques to suit each individual.
I believe in three major elements that will help in your success:
1. Enjoyment in what you do
2. Commitment to your own actions
3. Respect the views of others

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”.

- Maya Angelou -

Coaching Method

Success is a journey. As your Coach, I will support you on this journey, challenge you where appropriate, and help you reach your destination faster, and more efficiently, than you would alone.