Coaching as a personal investment

What does a personal investment mean?

It means that you would use money or other resources to attempt to improve yourself, with the hope that doing so will bring future benefits. It is crucial though that you get the most out of your investment, in this case, the investment would be coaching. No matter what the area of focus is in coaching, it is crucial that you, as the coachee, know how to get the most out of coaching.

Experience through coaching how you can “transport” yourself from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Why would you invest in you?

The world is changing due to COVID-19, some of you may not be able to continue with your jobs or may be forced to undergo a career change, or you may find it very difficult to live the way we are challenged to live right now. 

This could be the time when you want or need to think about your personal and professional development and start working with a coach. Coaching can help you in many ways. It can guide you and help you to find direction and to create a plan that will work for you. At the same time coaching is a personal investment. Once you made the decision to get yourself a coach you have started investing in You.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

During an intake through questions, I find out If the potential client is ready to be coached because if a client has nothing to tell, I don’t think I have anything to coach. Without focus and intention, a coaching session can end up simply being a conversation and most likely will not be as valuable as it should be.

Most of my clients are ready to be coached and the journey to changeto unluck their potential is an incredible ride, for both of us. It “feeds” me and makes my clients grow personally and professionally. 

Results of your investment

Here is a summary of some of the changes I see happening when we move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Benefits for Clients

Success is a journey. As your Coach, I will support you on this journey, challenge you where appropriate, and help you reach your destination faster, and more efficiently, than you would alone.